Do you believe in Angels?

angel-wings-26788129            I do.
For example, I’ve known since the day I was old enough to know about Angels, my Grandma was an Angel.  And then she died, and became a heavenly Angel.  My mom? Yep, she is a heavenly Angel too.  I believe they send me messages.  No, not messages like little post it notes, but messages through my thoughts or dreams or little things I find happening to me throughout my day.
No, I’m not certifiable. I promise. LOL
An Angel disguised as a man.
I wanted a book this past weekend, so decided to go pick Cheri up and drive to Concord to the nearest bookstore and go for a few hours of undivided girls time.  After picking up my new book, we took a run to the mall, and were wandering thru JC Penny’s when we found a pair of Hello Kitty slippers that we both had seen before Christmas.  We had both chosen to not get them before Christmas as they were a bit out of budget for self indulgence at the holiday time.  This day, everything in the store was on sale, a lot of things on clearance.  AH HA, Hello Kitty slippers were marked down.  But, there was no clear and decisive price on them.  We walked to the cashier and waited in line to see what the price was.  $6. and change. WOW not bad.  However, I only had ten dollars on me, and it had to buy gas for me for the rest of the month.  I looked at Chari and said out loud “I’m going to hang onto them while we look around and make a decision, I only have ten dollars to last the month, and not sure I want to spend six on a pair of slippers I really do not need”.  The cashier smiled, and off we walked.
Cheri and I were now over in a different department giggling like school girls about some such thing we had found when a man approached me.  He held out his hand and looked at me.  He put a plastic card in my hand and said “Merry Christmas, use this on anything you’d like”.  I looked down into my hand and it was an American Express Gift Card for $100..  By the time I looked up, with tears in my eyes, the stranger was walking away.  I called out to him “Sir………. Sir”.  He turned towards me, with a big smile and all I could do was cry, and smile and say “Thank you Sir” and he turned and walked away.
This was an angel disguised as a man.
I believe, do you?

1) a day out shopping with a good friend
2) pay it forward
3) Angels who come from above