Todays Metamorphasis

courage doesn't always roar

Today I begin a new thing.  I start my schooling.  Okay, it’s not a four year program, or even a 2 year program.  Right now it is only an 8 week program, hoping to extend into a 24 week program when I’ve got a few weeks gone and can prove both to myself and the director that I can do this.
I’m scared.
I haven’t done schooling in a very, very long time.  Last time I did school I was not the best of students.  I tried about 15 years ago to go to the local community school, but I just wasn’t ready for it, and I dropped out.  I had too much going on in my life : raising a child as a single parent, deep depression, being newly single… the list goes on.  I just simply wasn’t ready.  Before that was beauty school.  I’ll admit I was a pretty good student there.  I got good grades, and I graduated near the top of my class there.  Hummm, OKAY maybe I wasn’t all that bad of a student after all when I stop to think about it all.  But high school, OMG, I was the worst of the worst.  Study habits were non-existent.  I had no respect for the teachers, or my peers.
Today is yesterdays tomorrow.  I’m trying again.  I can and I will succeed.  I may be scared, but with God’s help, I can do this.

1) someone believes in me enough to fund my going to school
2) taking a hot shower when people around the world don’t have water
3) having good friends who love me and whom I love back