When in pain…

I have always been a whiner when I’ve been in pain.  If I’m in pain I want the rest of my world to know it, and if possible, share in it with me.  Selfish of me, I know.  So today, I’m whining.
But not really.  Or at least not too much.
My back hurts.  It has been hurting for a little over 3 weeks now.  I haven’t done much about it other than to take Ibuprofen when it gets really bad and lie down flat on my back.
I’ve noticed, though, that my blood sugars have been slightly elevated for the past week or so.  Not real high, but higher than normal for me.  I’ve heard that pain and stress will cause elevated blood sugars, I’ve even advised other people of that, but I’ve never actually experienced it myself.  Now, I am experiencing it.  I’m keeping close track, and I’m marking in my BG journal that I am in pain so I can remember why I’ve been running higher these few weeks.
I went to my PCP yesterday, she thinks it is (in her words) hopefully just a pulled muscle.  What does she mean “hopefully” ?  I certainly hope that is all it is, I can think of much worse alternatives.  I’m taking the muscle relaxants that she prescribed and resting as she advised and not feeling much better, so tomorrow I will go have an Xray and see if that shows anything and get a referral to an ortho doc.  Just to be safe.

Nope, folks, not whining today, just updating you on where I’m at…. “boohoo, i hurt”

1) Liking my new therapist
2) working on goals for 2015
3) talking to a friend about new churches