My two beautiful babies

My two beautiful babies.  Crystal (CJ) on the left, and Nathan on the right.  Nathan I gave birth to just over thirty years ago.  He was the joy of mine and his fathers life.  He was a bit of a difficult child at times, but we struggled through it, and were happy to have him.  He’s now mostly all pleasure.  SMART.
We wanted a second child desperately, it just did not appear to be in the cards for us.  We tried, and we prayed, but it wasn’t looking possible.
About 8 years ago, in 2006 or 2007, I honestly do not remember, but long after I was going to give birth to a child, Nathan introduced me to a beautiful young lady named Crystal.  She was several years younger than him, and I was a bit apprehensive of their friendship, but I let it be and watched as he grew happier every day.  Nate and CJ gradually grew from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend.  She and I talked on the phone regularly and one day she said “can I call you Mom?”  and I said, “well, of course, all the kids call me Mom”.  From that day forward I have been Mom to CJ.
I know, a lot of parents let their kids friends call them Mom or Dad, but Nathans Dad and I have truly and fully adopted CJ into our hearts.  She has lived with both of us, and we have both  given her as much of us as we have given to Nathan, we treat her no differently than we do him.  We love her no differently.  She is my daughter.

I have another daughter also,  Allison,  I’ve never met her, but I will one day.  Another of Nathans friends.  She’s another of my adopted kids.  Over the years I’ve adopted a lot of kids, but these two are my two special ones.



1) being able to laugh at yourself when you burn a whole pot of soup.

2) spending time with your kids

3) having a doctor you really like