Is there anything you can’t do because of diabetes?

I was asked this question recently.  Is there anything you can’t do because of Diabetes?  Not for me there isn’t.  Not because of diabetes.  I have other limitations that stop me from doing things, but diabetes is not a limiting factor for me.
In 2010, when I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I totally ignored my diagnosis.  I was buried deep in depression, a part of my bipolar.  I wasn’t taking my medications for my bipolar, I certainly wasn’t going to take medications for diabetes.  I denied my dx.  I lived that way for 4 1/2 years, under the blankets and tied to my pillow with invisible ropes to an invisible disease.
My blood sugars ran the gamut of high high to low low.  I came close several times to having auto accidents because of lows I did not recognize as lows.  I just thought I was tired.  Or lazy.  I did not take care of my health at all, constantly hearing how I “needed” to do this or that.  Well, HELL, I don’t NEED to do anything (or at least I thought that).
What can’t I do because of diabetes?  I can’t lie under the blankets any longer.  I can’t stay tied to my bed.  I can’t continue to ignore my health.  I can’t continue to ignore my happiness.  I can’t continue to ignore life.
I’ve chosen, though not to look at what I can’t do and instead look at what I can do.
Because of diabetes I can look at life and smile.  I’ve got life now instead of life having me.  I can eat healthy and lose weight (almost 100lbs so far).  Where can diabetes take me?  It can take me to school, to learn to use a computer.  It can take me out to get a job.  Diabetes can take me 1/2 way across the country to visit a friend.  Diabetes can take me swimming off the coast of New Hampshire in the frigid North Atlantic Ocean.  It can take me out to Hospice patients visiting and volunteering time as they take their last breaths.  I believe diabetes can take me anywhere I dream to go, or do anything I dream to do.
Diabetes is an invisible disease.  It is not always a total debilitating disease.  Yes, there are debilitating consequences, even deadly ones because of diabetes.  Please, if you or a loved one has this disease, get help now, treat it wisely.  But, do not stop living life to its fullest because of diabetes.
I have some friends who are type 1 diabetics who are rock climbers, mountain campers, who take their pumps and syringes with them, and push their diabetes further than anyone dreams.  I see these people and ask them is there anything they can’t do because of their diabetes?  They ask me in return what can they do because of their diabetes?What can’t you do because of your _____________ ???

1) grateful to have diabetes
2) a son who has colored pencils to loan me
3) having a kitten to keep me company at 3am