Missing my Furbabies

So, I went to spend some time with my friend Chari.  We went out shopping and to lunch (which was a diabetes nightmare, more on that soon), we planned to go to karaoke and a sleepover at her house.  All of which meant leaving my furbabies, Tiago, my 10 year old Chihuahua and Gulliver, my 5 month old kitten at home alone.  Now, not totally alone, they’d have someone to check in on them, but not me being there to be with them.
Out shopping, girls day out, nails done, running the malls (ok ok, I don’t run, I wheelchair around) andct then out to lunch.  Some of you know, I’ve been on this really STRICT eating plan for the past 5 or 6 months now, and I was very well behaved through the holidays, but yesterday I made up for it.  I ate, and ate and then decided to eat some more.  I ate enough at lunch that I did not eat dinner or todays breakfast, NOT good for someone with diabetes (just saying).
Got to Chari’s house after exhausting ourselves, collapsed into a coma and when she tried to wake me up to go to karaoke, there as no waking me up.  I had a headache, and I was just too tired to move (no showing off the new jeans tonight folks).  We opened up the sofa and I slept through the night while they went out and boogied and sang their hearts out.  (I am the quintesential party pooper).
Got up early this morning, drank tons of coffee then was ready for more shopping and girls time.
We needed to go back to one store because (don’t fall off your chairs) one pair of jeans was toooooo big !  I needed to exchange them for a smaller size.  I also wanted to do some looking around elsewhere for sale stuff.
Big storm coming in, so we headed home early today, and I can’t say I got home any too soon.  As much of a good time as I had shopping and spending so much fun time laughing with Chari, I really missed my babies.  It looks like they may have missed me too, they are all about cuddling tonight.
Pictures of the furbabies will be coming soon, so stay posted.

1) loving furbabies
2) shopping adventures
3) flannel pajamas on a cold Winters night