My very first blog…

My very first ever blog.
What do I want to write about?
I want to write about EMBRACE METAMORPHOSIS.

Why?  I was challenged to pick a word of the year, I took a 5 day mini course on picking a word of the year.  I looked back over 2014, and looked ahead into what I want 2015 to look like.  Looking ahead, looking back, looking ahead again, that is how I came to pick my word or phrase of the year.  EMBRACE METAMORPHOSIS.  Two words.
I want to embrace my world, my life, the people in my world and my life, the changes that come about.  I will embrace all that hits me in 2015, the good and the negative.  I’m not so blind that I would think it will all be good, I know there will be negatives, but I need to embrace those as well.
Metamorphosis.  Grow, change, evolve.  YES.  That is what I will do in 2015, I will continue on the path I started in 2014, I will become a healthier person, I will continue to lose weight, your on this journey with me.  I will continue my path towards happiness and gratitude and #3goodthings.  I will evolve into a better human being, and again, you will be on this journey with me if you choose to be, I sure hope that you do choose to be.

Keep checking back here, We’ll see where this goes.

Happiness and peace.

1) cuddles with Tiago and Gulliver
2) French Vanilla Coffee
3) Planning an all girls day out including getting nails done.